Calgon, take me away … preferably to the West Coast

I am at that point in my day when I don’t know whether I will be able to escape at a somewhat-reasonable hour or something not quite that good (my guess is the latter). The thing is, there is a public meeting in my neighborhood tonight to discuss the forced gentrification impending evictions in my complex.

As I surprisingly did NOT get my walking papers (yet), I really hope to get there to find out WTF is up. Hey, I’m happy to remain in my all-utilities-paid (*whew*) pad as far into the winter months as humanly possible, but I’m sort of also of the attitude of shit-or-get-off-the-pot already — give me a resolution, a target date, anything. I don’t work well without deadlines.

In somewhat-good news (is it possible?), I have a working escape planned for December, and I talked to my best friend about possibly stopping afterward to see her and her family on the West Coast while I’m out that way, anyway. As I will already have to miss Bon Jovi’s appearance in Washington, D.C., in mid-December at the MCI Arena anyway (*sob*), I might as well find a suitable place to mourn missing the cheesecake that is Jon Bon Jovi. (*drool*)

Yeah, I know, I KNOW I need to be saving money for my move, but maybe this is my spirit guide’s way of intervening and giving me an opportunity to go see my friend so I can gather strength for everything that lies ahead. I was there last year at this time (mmm, Oregon Coast), and seeing Bayou’s photos reminded me that it’s high time to infuse some beauty into my brain again.

And it would be great to visit there again, but this time knowing that I have a life to which I can return. Leaving there the first time was so hard because I didn’t know A) When I’d get back or B) What the hell I was going to do with myself when I returned to D.C. But this year, I know I can go out there and truly savor the experience (and meet my new nephew!), all the while being able to relax because there’s finally a life waiting here for me again.

And I know once I’ve gotten some rest and some distance, I’ll be able to infuse the energy and passion that I will surely generate while I’m away back into my everyday existence to make it twice as enjoyable.

Counting the days. …

On iTunes: Bon Jovi, “I Am”

3 Responses to Calgon, take me away … preferably to the West Coast

  1. IndigoSunMoon :

    Sometimes you just have to say fuckitall, and take a vacation!
    Sounds like you need one luv.

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  3. Bayou :

    Come on West! Seattle is just up the road, ya know. What are you waiting for? 🙂