So it’s Father’s Day and the men of Facebook are butt-hurting over posts from people like me who had a shithead for a dad and others who had kids with jagoffs who became jagoffs after they became dads. 

Look. Every year I choose to thank my grandfather for raising me as his own. Or my grandparents for keeping mom and me from being abused (evil stepfather) or homeless. Or even just mom for making sure I had the life she didn’t. 

But I’m tired of tap-dancing around a father who wanted nothing to do with me. Or a stepfather who almost destroyed my mom. Or the guy who calls me his “kidlet” who spent 10 years with my mom and who finished the job of destroying her. 

And we wonder why I’m childfree very much by choice. And a lot of money and clinic bills. 

The point being debated is interesting. That we don’t bash shitty mothers on Mother’s Day. We simply thank them all. 

But that’s the point. We thank them for giving us life. Might be a shit life for some but we can all turn 18 and move away. 

I’m not bashing shitty fathers. I’m personally not a fan of those who didn’t show up. And most moms don’t have that choice. 

You know who’s a shitty mom? The bitch upstairs who screams at her husband in front of their two kids all day and night.  And I think her mom is staying with them this weekend and she yells at both of them. 

I think the dad is a shithead too because he keeps his kids in that abusuve situation. But I expect her to have the sense to protect her kids. And if living with that man makes her head spin, it’s her duty to leave. 

In any event, everyone thinks they are or could be a great parent. Whether anyone agrees, ain’t my place to say. 

So happy Father’s Day to Terry and Jon, who are expecting tiny little ones very soon. I expect they will be the kind of men girls like me wish they had met first …. and the kind of dad I wish I had for myself and could have for my own kids. 

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