But my ‘bad’ traits are what make me so good!!!

Today’s Horoscope:

“You may be feeling a bit more emotional than usual, Goddess. Tender feelings are likely to surface at this point and it may be hard for you to concentrate on just the facts. It might be tempting to get caught up in an ensuing drama that doesn’t necessarily pertain to you. Keep your nose out of other people’s business. Be nurturing and empathetic as opposed to inquisitive and sarcastic. No gossiping today.”

No gossiping today. Have they met me? Do they not know that I have nothing else in life to which to look forward other than nebbing around in others’ affairs? Damn it.

But they’re right about that emotional business. I like being a girl and all, but Jesus, even I’m tired of my own internal warfare.

I’m better today, though. I got some good news about my hiring situation — some leverage. Which is good, because I’m not seeing a lot of impressive resumes coming around.

Hypothetically, let’s say I have a choice between two good people. Probably both equally capable, but one with a certain magic that makes me want to up the ante stratospherically if it means being able to keep this fighter in the ring. Reminds me of dating (what doesn’t, especially lately?). There’s the one you have but maybe the one you want. But do you have to give up the one you have to get the one you want, or is it the minute you stop considering the one you want that they decide they don’t want to be excluded from your consideration after all?

Or do you have to go balls-out and say, hey, I’m going to kneecap you if you even DARE to run away?

Or, maybe, was it the one you have (had?) who is capable of so much more than you’ve seen thus far?

Maybe my radar isn’t so broken after all. Maybe I do have the ability to see magic from a million miles away. But my challenge (and it always has been) is to lasso it and make it mine — when, for all intents and purposes, it should just come to me already. Damn it. 😉

Maybe I need to embrace this “being a girl” thing. I don’t care for bullshit or drama or complications. But if there’s ever a plan to be hatched and some conniving (done all in fun) to be orchestrated, I’m your girl.

‘Scuse me — I’ve got some scheming to do. *muahahahaaaaa* 😀

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