Bottle of red, bottle of white (and that’s dinner tonight…)

Lagoon in Alabama

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Tonight marks 12 years since my grandmother died. And as I stood on my balcony tonight and watched three major communities shooting off their sparklies, and about a dozen man-made shows, I realize how lucky I am to have a life and hopefully a lot of years left in it.

Mom said I need to give up on all these people in freelance-land and just get a job. She said I was happiest with money to spend, places to go, people to socialize with, planes to catch, etc. Even though those administering the paycheck might have had thorns attached to their fingers, I was not one to find happiness in hoping to get paid.

Seriously, I am going to set some houses on fire this week. One of them may be my own, since the skanky landlady is officially doing the new hot Greek guy. But alas, if crotch rot is a satisfying exchange for reduced or free rent, I can’t blame him for his (albeit warped) logic.

I spent a couple hours going through photos today from Lady L’s and my road trip from November. There is so much beauty out there. I’ve been so lucky to experience a taste of it. I want more. The withdrawal from my addiction is killing me, and food is not a satisfying (enough) substitute. (Although I keep trying it, just in case…)

Maybe it’s the wine talking tonight, but something has to change. And I know it has to be me. I’m tired of depending on this one and waiting on that one. But that means I gotta get up offa my own lazy ass and make shit happen.

I need to make a missing persons poster for my motivation. Why can’t I just travel the world, take photos and live la bella vita instead of la vida Boca???


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