Blue jean baby queen

Yesterday I left the house in jeans, only to realize it was only Thursday. That’s how many hours I’d worked (36, with almost 5 hours of commute too), and that’s how utterly exhausted I was.

Of course I changed into dress clothes. Because, you know, I sit where people can see me. Not. *Snort*

The sad part is, I come home so late most nights that the pantyhose I wash the minute I get home is usually still sopping wet by the time I go to find it in the a.m.

I think you should be able to, after 40 hours worked, wear whatever the hell you want to wear. Of course, I think a lot of things are screwed up, so I guess that’s the least of my worries. Of course, it’s the little things like this going my way that would make the bigger stuff that doesn’t/never will a tad less cumbersome.

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