Bless his idiot heart

I was in traffic today when the guy beside me started laying on his horn.

Scared the shit out of me.

We both stopped at the red light. (I was shocked he stopped, even though we have red-light cameras there. It’s a school zone and a retirement community all in one.)

But I am sick of people’s shit. So I looked over and said, “What?!”

He pointed to the car in front of him that was already through the light. He made dramatic gestures and started to roll down his window.

I shrugged and said, “SO?!?!”

And I ignored him after that.

I mean if you are upset that other people are alive and breathing and driving, get off my roads. And quit making everyone nervous because you and your expensive car are SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than the rest of us.

Sure enough, when the light changed, he floored it and cut off about five people.

My standard reaction is to just say, “Bless his idiot heart.” It works in traffic, in stores, when watching reality TV, and on phone calls when people try to be smartasses and try to get your goat.

I get their game. Homey ain’t playin’ it.

This goat cannot be gotten. Sorry, drive through.

Bless your little idiot heart and may God get you out of my path sooner rather than later. With any luck, you won’t hurt yourself or anyone else on your merry way.

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