Blanket apology

Rainy days and monthly newsletter deadlines make me cry.

At least, that’s the going excuse.

I try very hard to pretend I don’t have a heart and that I don’t care about things. About anything.

And then years later people come back and say, hunh, didn’t know you cared. If I even get around to telling them.

Right now I’m operating from a place of hurt and I can feel myself lashing out at everybody. I’m hurt that I have to leave my beloved/hated apartment. I’m hurt about some comments someone keeps making to me that are perhaps designed to make me believe I am doomed to professional failure. And other things that I never thought would get under my skin, did.

I feel like I owe everyone a blanket apology for being me. Not being me, per se, but for letting myself feel what I feel and not being able to censor it.

Maybe I’ll feel better when the rain is gone. If anyone is even left to talk to.

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