In honor of Lent, I decided to finally kick off some sort of healthy-lifestyle crap. Not a “real” diet or exercise regimen per se, but just not killing myself slowly as I am automatically apt to do when left to my own devices. (Which I always am. Go figure.)

I decided first and foremost to cut out sweets. Which meant spending the last coupla days scarfing down all the sugary treats in the house, lest they be lying around to tempt me with their silky chocolate goodness. Mmmm. … :9

Anyway, here I am in day 477 of my captivity day one of “Do NOT go near that vending machine!” and man, I’m twitching. It’s not even that I’m hungry — I’m just in the habit of having something really, fiendishly, deliciously terrible to tantalize my tastebuds. The way I figure, I don’t smoke anymore, I don’t really drink that much — I have no vices left. The things that bring me joy? Shopping and chocolate. The things I have to give up? Exactly.

To make it through this 40-day thrill ride, I may just have to start smoking again. *argh*

4 Responses to Bittersweet

  1. Caterwauling :

    […] Fucking Girl Scouts — do you HAVE to deliver your succulent, annual bounty of cookies on the first day of Lent? Cruelty! In the highest form! […]

  2. Amy :

    This is why I’m an agnostic. 🙂

  3. Old Freind :

    NO Vices left……..hmmmm, how about that unnatural gutchy wetting obsession with a certain short scruffy haired New Jersey boy? hmmmmmmm?

  4. ms7168 :

    Nooooooo !!!!!! Returning to smoking is =not= an option!
    It only makes it that much harder to quit again.
    You will be alright. You’ll see 🙂