Bitch is back!

My beloved webhost seemingly pooped the bed about 24 hours ago, but I am back and I’ve got bitching to do. w00t!

I’ve had enough of random acts of stupidity in the past day to last me a lifetime, which means it’s probably good that I’ve not had access to this site, or else I’d be in heaps of trouble. So, *whew*, the crap has passed and we now return to our regularly scheduled navel-gazing.

I went to Best Buy last night as it was closing to exchange a camera. I had the 6.2 megapixel Nikon in black, which I loved. But as it runs on AA batteries, it takes 40 photos and craps out. Which is fine if you’re not at an event or anything, but when you’re as incompetent a shutterbug as I am, you tend to need 40 tries to get one good shot.

I wanted the Nikon 8 megapixel in black, but BBY only sells it online. So, I got the silver one. I do like it, but once you go black (har de har harr). …

Anyway, it was a PITA and the Geek Squad gave me shit because I returned everything except the batteries that came with it. The hell?!?! The reason I was returning the thing was because I wanted an NiMH battery — I swear to God, I’ve gone through eight sets of batteries and have nothing to show for it other than a lot of aggression because I had to rip the batteries out of other *ahem* household appliances. Grrr!

So I finally do the exchange, and the counter boy said I needed to show my driver’s license. And I refused to take it out of my wallet. I said I’d hold it up from three feet away but that’s the best I can do. He asked, “Bad photo?” and I said, “That ain’t the half of it.”

So when he saw the photo, he made a really ugly face and said, “Oh. You weren’t joking, were you?”

LOL. Smartass! I rather preferred his honesty, though. But I did tell him I’d be back in the store to upgrade the camera again, so please get that black Nikon from your online warehouse portal so I can come back and annoy him and pay him back for that driver’s license comment, as well as his suggestion to charge me $20 because I didn’t bring the dead batteries back to restock the camera with. Ha!

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