Bird is the word

I know I suck at the whole communication thing. Especially when e-mails/texts arrive when I’m at work in one of the 75 ways one can reach me. I just found out that one of my friends quit their job over a month ago, and another friend was in town about a YEAR ago and I only just saw the message yesterday.


But today? I was thrilled to hear from everyone, in every medium. (Especially text.) And I replied as quickly as I could, except for when the demon alcohol hit me about 20 minutes ago and I left a conversation abruptly.

Anyway, I was quick to wish favor to the few who were at the top of my turkey-addled brain today. And I downright gleefully replied to everyone who was kind enough to let me cross their mind today.

Which is why I am surprised that someone in my world couldn’t muster up the time or enthusiasm to type a “You Too!” when I wished said person a Happy Thanksgiving.

OK fine, I shouldn’t have called you a turkey. 😉 But, you know, when has “me being me” ever been something to hold against me? At least I didn’t punctuate it with an, “Apparently you ARE what you eat.”

It’s hard to bring light into the lives of those who can’t function unless it’s dark and one or both of you is in it …

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