Better off alone

Mom made the very “truth hurts” observation that all of my friends hurt me in a row this year. 

She’s right. And I don’t have many friends. This is why. 

I’m trying to be happy for one having a special day today. But this same person crushed my soul two months ago, saying he wouldn’t help me to help my mom. I didn’t even ask and all I would have wanted was an idea. 

Then there’s the shower issue. I don’t have the heart to order the last few items right now. And I’ve been looking to this little boy as much as his mom is. 

Then there’s the whole bulkshit of the boy who can send random strangers flowers but I get a happy birthday text and nothing else, like I was nobody special. Soulmate snd best friend, huh?

I could go on but then I’d be getting into work friends too and I ain’t touching that with a ten-foot pole. 

My faith in humanity is shot. And no I’m not wishing anyone else well right now. I wish me well. Since no one else will. 

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