Because you simply do not know enough about me already

Reader Poll Monday

1. What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?
Stuffing balls. Not that the holiday is going to be the slightest bit traditional this year, but that is what I look forward to all year round. We cook with real butter in my family (see: ass, explains size of), and there aint’ nothin’ tastier than fried stuffing balls. *drool* Too bad mom’s oven got stolen.

2. If you could impose a heavy luxury tax on any single item, what would it be?
Bibles. Perhaps then the religious right and other assorted wack-jobs would quit beating my freedoms and rights with them so carelessly.

3. What’s the most interesting job you’ve ever had?
I’m still waiting for it. I seem to tell the most stories about my days in PR/fundraising/marketing. Every day was a grab bag of “What the hell is today going to bring?” I loved it — kept the ideas fresh and constantly generating.

4. Have you ever been on TV?
I’ve been at events with TV cameras (see “David Letterman”), as well as a lot of fund-raising events that I’d helped to coordinate. But thankfully no, my ass moves quickly out of the camera’s way.

5. If you had a 5 year old daughter who wanted to be in a pageant, would you let her?
Momma needs to pay the rent, so she should learn to earn her keep as early as possible. Have at it, munchkin.

6. Would you rather have a constant itch, or a constant sore throat?
Itches can be soothed. Sore throats cannot. Although, where exactly is this itch and who gave it to me? Because I’d have to inflict revenge on them for eternity!

7. What’s one TV show you simply cannot miss each week?
Like y’all couldn’t answer this one for me.

Monday: “Medium”
Tuesday: “The Office,” “Law & Order”
Wednesday: Hmm, nothing. Wow.
Thursday: “Reunion,” “ER”
Friday: “The Soup”
Saturday: Enh. “SNL” if I’m around
Sunday: “Desperate Housewives,” “Grey’s Anatomy”

8. When is the last time you went out dancing?
Ah, I used to be a fixture at the gay bars. But alas, it’s been a coupla years. And honestly? No desire to go back. I’d rather go do the “white man’s overbite” at the straight bars. 😉

9. Does hearing Christmas music before Thanksgiving annoy anyone else as much as it annoys me?
Hearing it in August kind of made me insane. Hearing it nonstop from now till doomsday is a twee bit obnoxious. But you want to see me go into convulsions? Play “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” And prepare to have my most wonderful foot in your ass for the holidays.

10. Ask me something.
I know you love to bake, but what’s your favorite “real food” to prepare?

4 Responses to Because you simply do not know enough about me already

  1. Prattoons :

    stuffing balls? Um…..

  2. Amy :

    Note to self: reading Caterwauling whilst drinking a hot beverage can result in a seriously dangerous spit take.

    Sigh. Hilarious.

  3. Sherri :

    Chili! I like that it has to simmer all day (which means LOTS of quality control taste-testing on my part). Mmmmmmmmmmm.

  4. Anon :

    It’s frustrating when you know all the answers, but nobody bothers to ask you the questions. …just a wise saying, couldn’t help myself 🙂