Because fuck you, that’s why

So I moved into this place and got offended in three annoying ways.

1. The realtor who moved me in, has no fucking idea how to clean. All the windows, shower doors and stainless appliances are smeared and uncleanable. That is to say nothing of her hair everywhere and the crap she left in the drawers/cabinets.

I scrubbed the fuck out of my last place and can’t get the goddamned security deposit back. So this bitch has jeopardized the $1,500 I put down on this place. Not to mention the non-refundable cat deposit. And the first and last month’s rent. And what I paid the movers.

In any event, I politely wrote to the landlord and said “A” prior tenant left a bit of a haze on some sensitive surfaces. He seemed nice enough and offered some thoughts on cleaning products. He did say he’d send a maid if I can’t fix it.

I just dropped six grand on this goddamned move … and I’ve lived here a week … and now I have to do more manual labor? After I cleaned the shit out of Termite Towers for a whole week and didn’t get a DIME back?


So anyway, because I got in “early” (read I got the keys early because the bitch vacated ASAP and didn’t clean her snail trail out of this place), the landlord made me redo the lease with a due date of the 28th for my rent. So sure, that’s the day I am supposed to pay Amex. BY ALL MEANS let’s just fuck my finances up further. I INSIST.

2. I’ve been asking the twits in the management office for a new key fob for a week. I left a check over a week ago and they said they’d put it in my mailbox. I’ve e-mailed three times and stopped downstairs every day to look for it. They said it would be in my mailbox. Not so much. So a nastygram awaits them in the morning.

3. I feel like I can’t enjoy this place. It’s hard to clean and Kadie scooches on the Berber carpets 24/7. The paint is flat and I’m pretty much like Pigpen with the messes I make.

Mom is trapped indoors without a KEYFOB. She was trapped in the last dump too because none of the fucking doors worked downstairs and I got carpal tunnel using my key every day.

I can’t unpack because I keep finding messes in the cabinets.

The toilet in Mom’s room nearly exploded tonight. But after the landlord forwarded my “bitch didn’t clean” note to the bitch and she ripped me a new one by e-mail (yes, really), I’m afraid to make another peep.

Let the place flood. See if I care. I might as well trash the place if I keep losing big money at these goddamned places that don’t do a FUCKING thing to make my money worth spending.

I’m goddamned sick of everything being a struggle.

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