Because cake heals all

First, best birthday cake ever. Big props to my awesome boss for going to 22 bakeries till he not only got me a white cake …. But an amazing white cake. Omg so good. 
It was a pleasant distraction from being continually amazed at how dumb and combative someone can be. 

Also it was nice to be all sweetened up before learning I’m now entangled in a legal matter to somehow testify in favor of laughable, moronic, idiotic and comical bulkshit. 

We’ve wasted our top minds in the company for a month on this. Not like I could leave the other duties in anyone’s hands so I’ve had both roles, of problem-solver and apparently problem-creator since I can’t do it all and I can’t do it all right. 

My top alibi is burned out over getting blamed for some things that went wrong. I’m sick that my reactions, while in the best interest of the customers, may harm the business. My best sidekick is going to rip the eyelashes out of the world’s least useful because they had one set of easy tasks to do while we did the real stuff and they fucked it all up. 

If not for cake, this day would be better on fire. But cake is awesome. And somehow it is enough to come back and try again tomorrow. 

I’m just not sure what’s going to save the day after the cake is gone. 

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