Remember when I found a note on my car from a boy in my office building? Four months later, I finally heard back:

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I asked my friend what he made out of it. (I also told him upfront that he is required to laugh, which he did. LOL) I looked at my behind and was all, “Um, is he sure he got the right person?” He asked why he couldn’t have just written that on the note in the first place.

I dunno. I’m not sure whether it’s a compilment or not. But in any event, like my friend said is true of me in general, I always have a new story to tell and having me around isn’t all that dull. 😉

8 Responses to Badonkadonk

  1. Old Freind :

    A nice ass???? What about the RACK???????????? Is he blind? or just an ass-man.

  2. The Goddess :

    I love you. 😉

  3. Amy :

    Dear Kenny R:

    While you obviously have excellent taste in women, your approach is a little scary. I don’t know whether to be flattered or contacting my friends that handle restraining orders.

    Your notes, while romantic in nature, leave me a little skeptical. How can I return the compliment if I’ve never seen your posterior?

    And read the comment above from Old Friend. The ass is devine, but the rack is so much more spectacular.


  4. The Goddess :

    Amy — I love you more. 😉

  5. Old Freind :

    I agree about the approach, it is a bit psycho….. Ok Kenny, you have her undivided attention….Now you need to man up and deliver the goods! Our caterwauling queen of sarcasm and misanthropy needs good mind as well as good head! I promise you a wild ride, our little Dawn is a multifaceted challenging gemini so strap on a set and go for it you will NOT be disappointed!!!!!!

  6. The Goddess :

    Sweet Jesus. *fans self* Can I get an AMEN?!?!

    Old buddy, old pal — I’m going to let you write my next dating profile. Even I would want to do me after reading THAT!!!

  7. Amy :

    Hell with that write up, I’D date you. 😉

  8. Caterwauling :

    […] Given that I simply cannot write anything that tops the comment section of the ‘Badonkadonk’ entry (anyone who has ever thought about dating me, well, there’s my personal ad!), I’m postin’ music: […]