Aw, boo hoo

Today’s horoscope — Gemini, daily extended (by

Even if you will be surrounded by grownups all day, it might feel as though you are stuck in a kindergarten class. For instance, you can expect some petty behavior or even a tantrum when someone doesn’t get his or her way. Your first instinct will be to deal with this person compassionately, but there is no need for that. You can feel free to ignore, and move away from, this negative energy.

No, I don’t wanna be your friend. And definitely not just because you decided you need one, not because it had to be me personally but instead because I was the last one out of the sandbox that you peed in. *punch*

It’s ponderous, really, the lengths we go to, to save some. Yet, we don’t step up to the plate for the ones who are worth it.

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