At least my soup was tasty

I was going to start this entry off with “What a weird little day,” but that starts way too many entries. Not a bad day, not even a frustrating one. I’d say challenging but that would intimate achievement on some level.

After doing a whole lot of nothing important, I left for a late lunch dinner around 6 p.m. and felt so weird getting in my car during daylight hours. I probably could get out at a reasonable hour sometimes if only the muse (i.e., that bitch holding the deadline and the machete) would show up when I do.

In any event, one of today’s highlights was to sample the wedding soup at Ledo’s, on Nic’s suggestion. Mmm, yummy. As I always say, the little things to others ARE the big things to some of us!

I need to make that. Do any of you make wedding soup out there? I’m lookin’ for recipes. Thanks!

I just sat here and wrote an article (for work) I think I’m going to can. I have reasons for it. It’s sort of good and sort of blah. It’s hard to explain, but I don’t want to continue start a precedent. Besides, I’m still sort of under the radar and am not unhappy being there right this second. I hate being under said radar, but as it’s hopefully going to be for a short time, I might as well take advantage of it while I can.

Oh well, back to the salt mines. Have to be back in 13 hours for a training and still have a project I’ve put off (legitimately for other projects, but admittedly I haven’t been in a real rush to hop to it) for two weeks. I try to take it easy throughout the day so I have energy to get through them, but one day I’m going to walk out during daylight hours and it’s not just to be to bring dinner back to the desk. …

2 Responses to At least my soup was tasty

  1. Boutros :

    I am such a huge wedding soup fan. I never have attempted to make it myself, but have been known to slurp up the Campbells Select when the temperatures dip.

  2. nic :

    I’m glad you liked it!