At last

My best friend reminded me last night what a psychotropic hayride I’ve survived during the past four months — losing my grandfather, getting a promotion, manic apartment-hunting, not going on a homicidal rampage over my personal-life hell, inheriting my Mom and now moving.

And the fun’s only just beginning — now it’s on to launching a huge Web portal that’s been a pain in my ass for the past few weeks, hiring someone to help me at work, moving and all the joys it brings, getting back security deposits on places I didn’t want, affording (financially and emotionally) this adventure and, ultimately, simply healing from all the freaking chaos.

But the bottom line is that I’ve made it this far. And while it sure as hell ain’t smooth sailing from here, I’ve built up the momentum I need to get through this next part.

Some days, the only thing I want in this world is to be somebody else. But when it comes right down to it, no one else could possibly handle everything that comes easily to me. Even the hard stuff will dissipate eventually. And the smile I’ll have plastered all over my face might be delirium-induced, but eventually, the joy will rise to provide substance behind that stupid grin. It always does.

Victory is never hollow in this neck of the woods. If anything, it just gives me a rest before the next set of challenges come around. And I’ll be strong enough to handle the next batch, because this current odyssey is preparing me for whatever lies ahead.

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