At first sight

Is it possible that the first candidate you interview for a job is the one who gets it? I go on instinct with everyone — employers, friends, dates. I can tell if it clicks. I need for it to click, actually, because I’ll know I made the right decision.

I just talked to someone who, for all intents and purposes, is a fit for what I need. She seems calm and inquisitive, whereas I’m pretty scattered and hyper lately. Hell, I could very well hire her on the spot when we meet next week. I’ll know it when I see her; the phone is hard because I don’t get anything out of the candidates. They can speak in complete, grammatical sentences. Whoopty-doo. Their voices don’t scratch on my nerves. Bonus points. But throw four projects at them and tell them to shove them out the door as perfectly as possible, and that will knock my socks off. Yet, how can you ascertain that in conversation alone?

I was sort of hoping the *ideal* candidate (i.e., one I specifically have in mind) would see the job posting and jump for joy — I’d pull the ad down in a heartbeat if I could get this person to apply. (Which is unethical for me to even mention it in passing, so a girl’s got to pray. And rely on her friends to spread the word.) 😉

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