As if we needed proof that I need an escape

Well, it’s official. I’ve banked so many vacation hours that I’m now losing them. Whee!

I just looked at the board for the summer — everyone and their brother is out from now till doomsday. So I don’t even know when to take a vacation, let alone WHERE.

I am, however, looking for suggestions on that “where.” What’s the new vacay hotspot this year? (Or what SHOULD it be?)

2 Responses to As if we needed proof that I need an escape

  1. michael :

    If you’re at the point of losing them I’d see if HR has a policy about rolling them over into sick time. If not, I’d start taking two hour lunches until I stopped losing time/pay.

  2. FencerScott :

    You could just start working 1/2 days, take long weekend trips, stuff like that. Or, conversely, just throw caution to the wind and head for Key West. Of course, this is coming from someone who has ZERO vacation time left!