As if a snappy headline would make this entry readable

Went out partying in my favorite area of town last night. I try to avoid that area since I left behind two jobs in a six-block proximity. But to my knowledge, those folks are out of town. And a fresh new wind blew into town in the form of a friend from the West Coast.

Damn, I had fun. Yesterday was supposedly National Wine Drinking Day. I should get a medal for how much I consumed. 😉 But god bless the goat cheese dip and fried hot dog for soaking up enough that I could get home safely.

Anyway, I had this weird dream last night. I was at a Bon Jovi concert. (I know, shocker, right?) And it felt like everybody from my past had also bought tickets and somehow got seated in my section. Argh.

It annoyed me in a way, because Bon Jovi is mine, you know? If we have a beef or a tiff or something, stay the fuck home because that’s MY happy place.

I saw who I consider to be my arch-enemy. He was with two little boys. And his boyfriend was working the ticket booth. The boys clearly looked like the boyfriend. Yet my nemesis was kind and sweet to them and promised to take them for pizza and ice cream after the concert.

In the dream, he tossed a spitball my way to get my attention. I turned into the Tasmanian Devil and can’t remember even watching the concert. For shame!

I’ve been puzzling about that dream for the past hour. I’m laying down the grudge. It’s too tiring. I’ve dragged that cross all over the country and I’m done.

But moreover, I wonder if he found his happiness. Now, for all the nasty shit he’s done to me and many of the others who were in the audience in my dream, all I have to say is that the rest of us should find our own happiness FIRST.


Anyhoodle, on to new (and better) friends. The gal who dropped into town last night, well, it was my first time meeting her in person. But we’ve been Facebook friends for nearly two years.

What’s ironic is that I wrote a restaurant review for her Web site last summer, and after a glorious art gallery party last night, we all ended up at the place I had reviewed for her. It was wonderful coming full circle like that, and I look forward to our in-person friendship and many more lovely adventures to come.

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