Another good day

It’s another awesome day. Truly.

Been a great week, actually.

Still busy as all get-out. But I have never been one to complain about that. (Other than the whole never being able to get a break thing.)

But now that I have seen that I can get a break, I have a whole new perspective. I love that I can even say “oh hey, now that I’m BACK …” because it means I left.

In any event, rather than waxing poetic about how beautiful Stockholm is in the fall, I just want to say I had a very good interview today.

And as I have to clarify, since someone asked where *I* am interviewing, I may get another “boy” to add to “my boys.”

In fact, he actually said to me, “My goal is to be one of your ‘boys.'” Which, come on — wouldn’t you hire this guy on that fact alone?

In any event, he’s been around the block too and he said he’s never met someone in my position who knows so much ABOUT so much. Like, I see a lot of mutual respect and trust in our potential future as colleagues. And that’s very important to me.

I don’t think it was b.s. when he was paying me compliments. Which, trust me — (sincere) flattery will get you as far as I can possibly help you to get.

Then I identified a big problem, and my friends got together and solved it before anyone else noticed it. Which is kind of what we DO but it makes the day doubleplusgood.

I love this day and this week.

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