Another day, another whiff of cat butt

Facebook is reminding me how illiterate the general public is. These are the people voting for your “American Idol.” These are the idiots putting teabaggers — er, Tea Partiers — in office. And they can’t even read a newspaper.

I’ve been trying to enlighten some of the more-clueless among our sect, but it’s pretty hopeless. I’m just blocking the Obama-bashers for the foreseeable future.

Fact: Our commander-in-chief, whether you voted for him or not, is doing his job by barring budget passage because of conditional social riders. It sucks the military won’t get paid, that “non-essential” personnel (whatever that means) will be furloughed and our still-fragile economy is strapping in for a roundtrip back to the shitter. But that’s called playing hardball with assholes. (Boehner, I’m looking right at you. And Reid, I’m not a fan of yours, either.)

Anyway, I’m going to retreat to writing up a business plan for a friend and trying to figure out why I gave up a cushy (albeit slightly aggravating) freelance job to work for a West Coast startup where there’s, oh, no money in the kitty right now. Hahaha, I wasn’t thinking about getting PAID anytime soon, right? I agreed to five hours a week but that’s a pipe dream at this point. Oh well. It’s all good.

Sad to say, I’m having the time of my life. Why does money have to be so important? I love the “Game On” mode, where anything goes and everyone’s just happy that shit gets done. It’s icing on the cake when I update the Web site, someone happens to read it, and I get an all-team e-mail saying, “Hey, you really DO know your shit!”

And even when I break something on the Web site (I should really be a beta tester for content-management systems), it’s never a crisis. Well, it IS, but it’s more like, “OK, yeah, we’re not revoking your admin privileges. But don’t touch that ever again!”

I love it. It’s chaos and it’s crazy to get e-mails at 3:21 a.m. (which, for the record, I am NOT awake to answer). And right now my main role is “firefighter” but it’s fun. I’m hoping that, by hanging in there, it pays off. I think it will. It’s just refreshing to believe in a cause again.

I’m ready for this day. Bring it on, baybee.

And for my leadership read of the day, I’m liking the mis-named but still relevant “The fine art of managing ‘creatives’ and other tender egos.”

What it really should have been called is “You really CAN’T fire everyone.” (*raises eyebrows to about 15 miles southeast of here*) Case in point:

Don’t ignore the middling performers: “As much as you would probably like to, you can’t have a staff completely filled with stars….Your stars don’t want to wash windows, and you don’t want your stars to wash windows either.”

I could comment, but I have better things to do. So do you. It’s 85 degrees and humidity is *only* in the high-60s. Go enjoy it!

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