Another day, another fix 

Gotta love going in for an oil change and out with a list of six other things to fix. 

My new mechanic said how the hell did your last guy let you get past 100K miles without regular scheduled maintenance?

I need to check on some of the recommended items. I’m letting him do the transmission fluid. But that’s worth more than the car itself. He gave me a good idea. Just think of each repair as a car payment and then in two months I won’t have a “car payment.”

I like the idea but won’t discount a meteor falling out of the sky first. You know, just like it rains the day you wash the jalopy. 

What I like about this place is they open early and stay late. I always arrive 20 minutes before they open. Not a car left over from the previous day. But the lot is packed by 9 am. 

Vinny has cars wrapped around the block at all times. I always appreciated that he got me right in and out as soon as he could. But what about other people who need to get around? 

It got me to thinking about people I work(ed) with. I would finish the cars to be considerate that my customers have things to do and don’t need further inconvenience. Others I could name would take two weeks off in mid-repair. 

Once I had one of those people leave early and say in their email autoresponder that they believe they are done for the day and all caught up. I would have laughed if I weren’t strapped over a barrel because of it. 

Anyway. Fuck Vinny. Welcome Dave. If I’m gonna be strapped over a money pit, I’m happier that it’s with this guy. 

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