Anger hangover

Blah blah blah Florida. Blah blah blah Casey Anthony is a murderous whore. Blah blah blah raging against injustice and this was one outlet for so many more. Meh. Feh. Bah.

I’m putting together a new TV show — “Are you smarter than a Florida juror?” I’m judging from one of my (many non-paying) freelance clients that I have my first contestant, given that my five-minutes-ago exclamation, “You’re not even qualified to sit on a Florida jury!” sums up what I’m dealing with (for free).

I proclaim that voters need to sit through a civics class (and, for that matter, pass a science class, too, since apparently forensics baffles the masses) before they get handed the right to ruin the country vote or disgrace the justice system sit on a jury.

But hey, the juror who was supposed to leave on vacation today made their cruise. So glad they didn’t find Casey guilty — otherwise they would still be in Orlando today. Tragedy! Maybe they aren’t as dim as I’ve previously believed.

And yes, I know the Supreme Court and other lower-profile cases (if they even apprehend the perpetrators and make it to the trial phase) are making a mockery of the system all the time, but my outrage is that the Caylee case is just one symptom of an epidemic.

Oh well, the bitch walks on Wednesday. Another mouth-breathing, chromosome-missing, oxygen-thieving idiot on the streets of Florida. And, I’m sure, my second contestant on my aforementioned new show…

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