And a partridge in a pear tree

Anyone who knows me understands that my car is my temple. While I must live with the fact that my Samantha is dirty right now because of the snow, salt and sand on the roads (with more to come tonight. Whee), her insides are always immaculate. Even the trunk is organized!

However, after the past week of practically living in my car, a quick inventory revealed:

6 Coffee Containers (two from 7-11, one from Dunkin Donuts, two from Starbucks and one from home). Two have liquid in them. *squick*

10 acrylic nails (unceremoniously ripped from my fingers whilst sitting in traffic one night; they’re in one of the 7-11 cups)

3 pairs of high-heeled, sparkly Cinderella-type shoes for various events and some spares just in case I changed my mind

2 “spare” semi-formal outfits in case the others didn’t work out as planned for this week’s two holiday parties

2 sparkly headbands

6 barrettes

2 necklaces

3 pairs of earrings

1 bracelet

4 McDonald’s bags

2 Dunkin Donuts bags

1 Taco Bell bag

1 box of instant oatmeal — INSIDE a Godiva Chocolatier bag

2 tubes of lip gloss

1 menthol cough drop

1 abandoned cell phone

3 bags from Hecht’s (a May Company — er, Federated now)

94 napkins from varying food establishments

17 CDs, most of which are skipping and I’ve since thrown them into the abyss known as the backseat

and …

1 Post-It Note I wrote in traffic, saying: “Do we simply just get through this, or do we make it count? Which memory would we rather have?”

Actually, I took that last one into my office, so that’s one less thing I have to clean out of the car tonight!

One Lonely Response to And a partridge in a pear tree

  1. Pratt :

    Who’s in the trunk?