Also known as: A day that ends in ‘y’

ZDNet’s “Will you one day marry a robot?” article caught my eye for a minute, as it examines some dude’s thesis on “Intimate Relationships with Artificial Partners.” Which, a “wave of the future” is sort of a misnomer when it comes to this, because I have enough artificial partners to start my own polygamist colony right here, right now.

Just goes to show there’s a euphemism for everything. I’m not vibrator-dependent; I’m “intimate with an artificial partner.”

I don’t know that I’d want to marry a robot, as the study suggests may become a reality as they evolve and emotion, on some level, can be incorporated in them. I could make the joke that the robots are going to be more emotive than I am in some situations, but my main fear would be that the poor thing would short-circuit while I’m riding my own personal Trojan horsey. Because, you know, wouldn’t its robot parts rust?!?!

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