Allergic to shopping?

I tried to do some window-shopping last night — I need some festive gear for holiday soirees, and of course I need shoes that do not amount to sandals and such that I still wear to run the halls at work (I don’t wear uncomfortable crap to drive — yay Reeboks).

In any event, no matter which store I went into, I was itchy. Gah. ‘Tis the season for wool clothing to be on every freaking rack. And I curse any asshole who decides to randomly shove a wool sweater on a rack with acrylic sweaters — because then I touch it and get to walk around like I’ve got something stuck up my butt because I can’t outright scratch myself in public. Wool, angora, whatever — makes me burst into hives. Hooray.

No wonder it’s the cyber-shopping season — people like me apparently can’t leave the house till all the winter clearance is gone from the shelves. *softly weeping*

3 Responses to Allergic to shopping?

  1. Helen :

    I miss knowing what Maddie is up to…hope she and her sis are OK

  2. Tiff :

    I got a lovely and festive sweater at, of all places, Dress Barn Woman. (you’d think they could come up with something better than “barn” to call their place. I really don’t want to think about cows when I’m wondering how the pants make my ass look.) Anyway, it’s red, and sparkly, but it’s subtle, like sparkly thread woven in, instead of sequins and crap.

  3. Lachlan :

    JC Penney, girl. We found our holiday garb on sale, no less.