All the feels

Ran into two old colleagues from two different companies yesterday. They now work at another new company, together … in the office next door. At a company where I turned down an offer (and regret that occasionally).

But I think we’ve all done better for ourselves — me independently of them, and them together — so the ache abates somewhat.

One of the current esteemed colleagues said something yesterday that stuck with me, that we hurt each other’s feelings sometimes. And maybe by sometimes they probably meant “often.”

Funny, I never really thought much about that before.

Like I told my new hire when he started (not the same person who made the comment), we will annoy each other least three times a week. Hopefully total, but maybe apiece.

Then again, I guess I never want to believe anyone would think I am anything other than charming and delightful and productive and AN AMAZING ASSET and, on probably three days a month (because, humidity. And carbs), somewhat cute too.

Because I sure plug my ears when they try to indicate otherwise.

After all, a girl can drive herself nuts if she allows more voices into her head, especially when she has five or seven of her own sounding off at any given time.

I also guess I figured they do the same. Or at least that they are better at coping with it and can help me to redirect my rage into more-productive channels.

It’s almost comforting to remember that we’re all just trying to figure out our way. I guess what I can do is to find ways for us to evolve together as opposed to “in the same general location.”

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