All hell (and floorboards) breaking loose

The more I sift through old e-mails (because, lawyers), the more I am so very grateful for that time in my life … and I’m just as grateful to recognize that the universe has other things in store for you afterward. Of course, it’s like stress just manifests in other forms rather than leaves completely.

Now if the universe can put its royal foot up the ass of the upstairs neighbors who awakened me today by yelling at their bastard elder child to put her fucking clothes on. And then they started fighting and throwing shit for good measure.

This is what happens when I work from home. And I need to be productive now because that fucking Fraggle comes home at 1 p.m. and all hell (and floorboards) will break loose until at least 10 p.m.

At which point it’s pot-smoking and rock concert for Big Giant Pussy and then the traditional “Yo, you’re a LOSER” screams over it by Thundercunt.

It’s no wonder my nerves are shot, my life is falling apart and leaving the planet has become a very real thought in my head.

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