Aaand, she’s back

After about eleventy billion inquiries for old posts, songs, quotes, recipes and incarnations of “Where the hell are you?” I think it would take less effort to just blog already than answer my e-mail! 😉

I’m back. I don’t know for how long, because I’ve got to tell you, I’ve loved living my life in obscurity. I feel safer, stronger, more connected to the real-live humans in my world. I’ve been trying to catch up at work and achieve some sort of balance between it and everything else. But then again, my colleagues are so much more than that — they’re friends — and I’ll take family wherever I can get it.

I miss my grandfather so much. When you have so much love in your life and it’s suddenly, cruelly ripped from you by others’ incompetence, it renders you immobile sometimes. It’s been a horrible season for so many people I know — I can count no fewer than six deaths, three lawsuits, two injuries, one lost job and a fire, too. And it’s only good people who are getting screwed.

You never hear about one of those horrible events and say, “They deserved it — they’re terrible people.” It’s always like a eulogy after something happens — “God, they always helped others and brought sunshine and sweetness to every day. How tragic.” It almost makes you respect (I said “almost”) those who just go around spreading ill will — they’re not happy, but the universe doesn’t seem to fuck with them in the short-term.

However, long-term, Karma pulls on the steel-toed shitkickers. So my advice is to keep, or rediscover, your goodness — would you rather they say “how sad” when you have something bad happen to you or “good riddance”?

In any event, I promise I’m in a better mood than today’s entry seems to portray. 😉 I’m looking forward to a New Year’s Eve soiree and some traveling in the early part of the year and maybe, just maybe, cornering Happiness and saying, “You! Stay!” and then using the fuzzy handcuffs chaning it to the headboard guest room and breaking bread with it as often as possible.

I’ve disabled comments on the blog and I’m going to start password-protecting entries at my leisure. I want to let you into my life, if you want to be in it, but understand that I’m going to be more careful about it going forward. I understand this blog platform thingy lets users register, so if you want to get exclusive crap content, be my guest and I’ll hook ya up. 😉

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