A venti ‘venty’ day

“Venti” isn’t just on the menu at Starbucks; that’s how I’m feeling today — very “venty.”

Cryptic bullshit alert: The Howling Hyena has been quiet, but seems to be coming back with a dull roar. Gah. Don’t feed the animals, people. Seriously.

Seems like everyone’s on edge today (not just me). We’re all in a state of waiting for something, even if we don’t know what it is. Others are waiting on me; I’m waiting on people beyond them. Everyone’s just sitting around, both anticipating and dreading when the first domino falls because it’s going to be a goddamned whirlwind when those little bastards start toppling.

There’s a part of me that’s enjoying the quiet, and the other that’s ready to just get it the fuck overwith already. I’m just so ready to move on to the next stage of things, personally and professionally, but I’m not in the mood to lay the foundation. Can’t I just wiggle my nose, blink and nod my head, and it will just happen already?

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