A mother’s day toast to truly great women

The very first friend I made down here in South Florida is leaving for the great white north — er, Pennsylvania — to start a new life. (Who the hell moves *to* Philly? From Miami? Holy culture shock.)

My friend has really transformed over the past two years, and she was pretty fabulous to start with. This is someone who can find something nice to say about absolutely everyone, even the biggest assholes around. (Lord knows we know a few down here…) And to know that her happiness is literally just days away, it shows me that the good guys really do win. I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Her man has really stepped up. He was just another slacker doing just enough to get by, but not nearly enough to impress. Then she left him, found someone better, and dumped that guy too. But she really concentrated on being true to herself and being the best version of herself. And her guy stepped up his game BIG TIME and became worthy of this wonderful woman.

*applauds him* Nice work, my friend. I didn’t think you had it in you. But I’m so glad you did.

They want to get married down here so that her friends can attend. I will be clapping among the loudest and probably crying among the hardest. But in a totally good way. 😉

It’s interesting to watch all this happiness. I never really believed in it. But she’s got the man, the new house, the life plan, the rock that’s coming next week, and the drive to keep bettering herself along the way. I pray that everything turns out even better for her than it already is.

Of course, I am reminded that *I* was the asshole on top of the world just two years ago. And I can’t figure out why I keep getting knocked back a few pegs just for the universe’s fun. I know it will make me better and stronger and all that. But I have hope now that things will all come together. Someday.

I am also reminded that, for all my bitching and moaning about the first job I took in SoFla, it was really good for a while. The team was incredible, the atmosphere was serious when needed and jovial when the work was done and we were resting up for the next project, and we made some pretty strong friendships along the way. And even if we fall out of touch for months at a time, we are always, always there to celebrate and commiserate and just be there for each other.

So, this mother’s day, I wish for joy and happiness and neverending amounts of love for the women in my life. That is, for the ones who aren’t power-hungry or batshit crazy or otherwise conniving and bitchy and intent on ruining things for the next generation of women who are counting on them to break through that cracked glass ceiling.

Thank you for all the love, nurturing, encouragement and faith you’ve shared with me when I needed it most, and even when I thought I didn’t.

When I first met my friend, I was very anti-hugging. I didn’t see the point. She’s very comforting and huggy and all that, and it drove me nuts. And I told her about it. 🙂

But when I saw her recently, it was all big hugs and smiles. And it wasn’t lost on her — she got one more hug from me just because she could. 😉

I’ve come a long way, baby. I’ve still got a few thousand miles to go, but I’ve chilled out and softened up in a huge way. Hopefully being more receptive to affection means that happiness might actually stop and visit for an extended stay instead of running the fuck away from my cold, cranky ass!

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