A fireworks display made of yams, coming to a town near you

So the weekend work rush (and today’s) was all to support something scheduled for tomorrow morning that, IMHO, should never have been scheduled for tomorrow morning.

I got my final piece of the puzzle done at 5:35 p.m. today.

And everyone who can put that puzzle piece into place … left for the day.

And this is the “oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit” moment over a deadline that was almost impossible for me to hit.

But I hit it. It just hit back.

I have an interview tomorrow. No, not for a new job. But for a helper. And I have no time to prepare because OH HEY there’s more to do that didn’t get done thanks to this crazy deadline.

HR sent me a candidate. They just hired a girl for another division and her boyfriend wants a job here. At least he’d be willing to make the commute.

But MAN the girl is a fucking BITCH to walk past. I’ve tried to say hello to her at least six times. She just ignores me. Not that I wanted to hire her stupid boyfriend anyway (what with divisional secrets and all — no need to have them comparing notes).

But man, TRY to be nice to the hiring managers on staff, eh?

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