9 days

I keep singing BNL’s “One Week” every time I look at my dashboard and see the countdown. Never liked the song when it was popular during my college days, but I find it oddly comforting now.

Yesterday Mom said Thundercunt raged most of the day but then, just before I got home, took one kid (we believe the Fraggle) and left for the night.

She said she thinks Fraggle has a nervous tic. The louder the Thunders fight, the more loudly and consistently she bangs things off the floor.

When they are quiet(er) like they are right now, I can find the compassion that’s impossible to come by otherwise. But I imagine as their moving day draws nearer and tensions rise, we’ll hear enough noise to last us nine lifetimes.


We have this cute 4-year-old neighbor and his mom who loved the massive family of ducks who used to come here. He always had wide eyes and exclaimed about how many ducks he saw.

She often came by with other children too. I think she had four but yesterday she just brought the boy.

I wasn’t home for it but Mom said you could hear her and the boy saying they were SURE this was the area with all the ducks. Where did they go?

Mom called down that we were told not to feed them anymore. Too many were congregating. So, they were gone.

They were crushed. The lady said she was so busy and he’s been begging to come visit the ducks. She said she’s now “heard everything” that we aren’t allowed to feed the ducks.

I asked Mom to be careful with her wording. We “can” feed them — just as long as it’s not off the balcony. I said she should have told her that this place values homely residents with unruly dogs over cute little duckies.

The mom and little boy left disappointed. They aren’t the first. But for some reason I really liked them and wished all my neighbors were so wonderful.

I’ve not seen hide nor hair of the bitch who chased me around the lake. I am sure she’s here but maybe now that things have blown over, I’ll try to make an appearance outside again.

With the two cans of pepper spray I bought to fend off unruly neighbors and their dogs, of course.

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