Disney magic

Mom asked if she could send my boss a thank-you card. 

She doesn’t understand the concept of vacation days. That how few I’ve taken. But now she sees how much fun we could have had with all that lost time every year. 

She is sincere with the thank-you. She really enjoyed having some relaxing days. She didn’t even mind being cooped up in the hotel the one day I did work. 

She’s sickly but pushed herself beyond her limits to walk Disney Springs, Epcot and various stores and restaurants and attractions. 

I wanted to stay one more night. Grace Potter was playing at the HOB yesterday. But alas, we’d done and spent enough

Of course, if this is her last trip — which she’s said more than once that she fears — I should have given it to her. 

But like most things in life, we decided to get out while the getting was still good. 

And save our pennies to return at Christmas. 

Just a few of many good memories we sure wouldn’t have had without two vacation days and one work-from-hotel day. ….

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