‘We’re adults. When did that happen? And how do we make it stop?’

Hidden tunage at the end, loves. Enjoy!

I just picked up the soundtrack to my favorite TV show, “Grey’s Anatomy”, and I just want to profess my love of this series.

Seriously, I actually cry every freaking week as it’s ending — and it’s a comedy! I think it’s because I identify with every single female character. I mean, when Meredith looked at Dr. McDreamy this week and implored, “Pick *me.* Choose *me.* Love *me.*” — I was a weeping pile of Kleenex, nail polish and chai tea.

Mostly, though, I think I’m most like Cristina (and my life has followed quite a similar course) — although I was thrilled and shocked all at the same time when the renowned Ellis Gray herself, just before she sundowned, revealed that she’d had a torrid affair with Richard back in her glory day. Eep!

One of my greatest (irrational, I know) fears is that I will be climbing the walls of some nursing home, hemorrhaging the secrets I’ve so closely guarded for so long. Or, worse, everyone will discover that I wasn’t altogether that interesting in the first place. 😉

In any event, the soundtrack is missing some of the wonderful songs I’ve heard throughout the first two seasons, but it’s a great compilation overall. I mean, how can you help but groove (and maybe even flash back to the “Garden State” soundtrack) when you hear the show’s theme song?

6 Responses to ‘We’re adults. When did that happen? And how do we make it stop?’

  1. Helen :

    I love that show. I love that show as in: I don’t even remember having a slavish dedication to ER like I love that show.

    That, and I’m still in Season 1 over here. I can’t wait to see Season 2!

  2. Erica :

    My girlfriend’s got me watching that show. It’s pretty good.

  3. Princess Cat :

    If it were on any other day than Sunday night, I’d say we should have a Gray’s Anatomy night together… we could save tons buying kleenex at Costco…

  4. Goddess Dawn :

    Ah, Cat — just wait till it’s out on DVD. I foresee a viewing/sobbing marathon!

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