Mission: Impossible. Emphasis: Impossible

Went to see “Mission Impossible” with a new friend on Friday night. Which was AWESOME.

What I remember most from the night, however, was this actual conversation with the girl who took my ticket at the theater.

Girl: “Mission Impossible”? I would have thought you’d be here to see “New Year’s Eve.”
Me: I already saw it. My man Jon Bon Jovi was in it. I couldn’t pass it up.
Girl: Jon Bon Jovi? (*eyes me up and down*) I would have taken you for a Katherine Heigl fan … or maybe Jessica Biel.
Me: *squick* Well, sure. If Jon Bon Jovi weren’t in it, I would definitely have been ogling them instead.
Girl: I’ll bet you would.

You know, I’ll flirt with anyone. But this one was just creepy from the get-go. Had to give her credit for openly eye-molesting me in public. But, well, yeah. No. Thanks though!

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