So I was having my traditional Monday morning panic attack, gulping down my last bit of sunshine and air before hitting the salt mines, when I decided I should remind myself of a much worse plane of existence. So, I fired up my ex-employer’s website, and lo and behold, I was rewarded.

A photo of the two laziest employees was displayed prominently on the front page. And in that, I took comfort that the poster children for that mess of a place were correctly chosen. They were trying to exile the one, but I see they are content to not even graze that limbo bar of mediocrity and put somebody in the position who can do something with it. The other assaulted me in a ladies’ room and everyone got mad at my boss for creating a hot fuss about it because they don’t like conflict over there, especially if it involves someone standing up for someone else.

They also have a place where you can send ideas. That cracked my shit up — when we asked for suggestion boxes and the like, we were laughed out of Dodge. They were afraid of what we might suggest — god forbid we solve a problem or ask to implement something low-cost and useful to improve morale. I’m convinced the e-mail address is going nowhere — I was going to suggest that they just close up shop and sell the building and refund the subscribers’ money, but I’m sure it would have just resulted in a big 404 error, just like my career there did!

One Lonely Response to 404

  1. Evil Genious :

    Yikes! Definitely sounds like a “good riddance” was in order in getting out of that place!!