3 a.m. Worries

New Orleans residents are cleaning up from the aftermath of tornadoes. Six Red Cross workers were killed in Northern Afghanistan. A white dude shit up a Canadian mosque. Yemen is kicking our out Special Forces after Twitler’s Benghazi. And what is that steaming pile of shit for brains #socalledpresident tweeting about?  Something called #easyd. And he’s screaming at $JWN for dropping his daughter-wife’s clothing line. Meanwhile his wife costs us $400k because she won’t live with him and SHE is suing someone because she can’t make money off her role as FLOTUS (while the White House is closed for tours since she wants to live in New York). Oh and these welfare queens are coming back to Palm Beach for another $3 million weekend AND we also footed a $100k trip for his son to do non-government business in Uruguay. Oh and the local rag says plans are ready for these fools to spend every weekend through May here, if his impeachable ass chooses. Oh and the supreme leader of Iran thanked him for all his bungles that are showing his people what self-absorbed shits we westerners really are. And the chatter in terrorist conclaves is that the Moose-Lamb ban is the best recruiting tool for ISIL sent from Allah above. And we just followed the first black president and AG with big fat fucking racists. And don’t get me started on the education secretary who will produce more generations of uninformed Trump voters. It’s like 1984 in Sourh Park because I’m Kyle screaming “shut up, Cartman!” every time this fool busts out his unsecured phone and his staff uses a private email server after he lambasted hillary for her secure email server. Oh and Elizabeth Warren was silenced by a exist prick as she tried to read a statement from MLK’s widow about new racist POS AG and basically told to sit her girl ass down on the floor. Fuck everyone who voted for this chaos and  thanks to the asshole-in-chief. Without your willful and destructive ignorance, America wouldn’t have so many reasons to learn our rights so we can fight for them. See you on the Southern Avenue bridge this weekend. I’ll only be waving at Shinzo Abe since at least I respect him. More than I’ll ever say about you. 

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