20 pounds of puss

Scratch, originally uploaded by dcwriterdawn.

Took the poop monsters to the vet today. Maddie has slimmed down to a little over 10 pounds (down from 18 three years ago!) and Kadie is up to 10. That’s a whole lotta angry pussy to drag around town!

I have the scratches and the empty bank account to prove that I went today. *sigh* $300 for shots, exams and a “geriatric workup” for Maddie, who turned 12 years old last week. And, sadly, I forgot her birthday till I was forced to remember it for paperwork today.

Years ago, I took Maddie to the vet (pre-Kadie) and some little girl looked at her in the cage and asked me, “Izzat a dawwwgggg?” And I was like, how the hell do you figure a cat is a dog?

Fast-forward a good 10 years here, and as I dragged my little fudge muffins from the clinic, a family with four little girls stopped to look at what I was carrying. And, hand to God, one of the little girls asked me about Kadie, “Izzat a puppy doggy?” I said nope, it’s a kitty, take a look. And she was so cute — she said, “I’m very sorry I thought it was a puppy!”

Hell, I was ready to put down the cats and adopt HER! 🙂

Speaking of cuteness, this is Scratch in the photo — he’s the official mascot of my veterinarian’s office. My kitties had just gotten their shots and Kadie — who hissed and howled the whole time — was back in her cage. Meanwhile, Maddie was scooped up for some extra tests and it was the one time she wasn’t with me.

Scratch wandered in to say hello to me, and as I petted him, Kadie started having a huge hissy fit in her cage. Scratch went over to the cage to say hello — he’s very docile and quiet, but totally unfazed by Angry Kitteh.

In fact, to get some peace, Scratch found the opening in Maddie’s carrier and got comfortable inside of it.

I thought Kadie was going to go into convulsions over it, so I gently asked Scratch to evict the space, and he did.

The next vet visit for me will be to get Maddie’s test results (why oh WHY does she miss the litterbox by three rooms?) and the visit after that will be to get her furry ass shaved, as she’s a matted mess. (Poor baby.)

You know, the point of this visit was to find a way to put a stop to shit landmines. But after all the trauma my girls endured today, does anyone really think they’re NOT going to pay me back for this epic voyage?!?! 😉

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