12 weeks

Landlord called to say banshees are out by October 1. I confirmed with the HOA that those fuckers are here till October 31. 

If they squat, or if this turns out in any way to be false or otherwise not happening, I’m gone. I mean it.

Psycho neighbors always tell security and the cops that they aren’t the ones guilty of the noise. The HOA lady said the same thing, that the letters they send to outline noncompliance with the lease get returned with “not us.”

Mom asks how they stop screaming long enough to answer. 

I have videos I’ve taken from outside their door. With the unit number and the pussy husband whining how horse face doesn’t love him and “this is bullshit.”

Speaking of bullshit …

12 more weeks of no sleep, tattered nerves, a cat on Prozac and a mom who takes strokes (literally the TIA type) because of the noise. Yay. 

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