Rather than talk about the incel insurgency that sought to destroy the U.S. Capitol (and select other capitols across the country) and democracy itself, I will remember 1/6/21 as the best day for Democrats since the 2018 midterms.

Joe Biden’s win was recognized and certified.

Georgians elected two of our own to the US Senate.

I don’t care that many people don’t find a single one of them inspiring. Look at what they have achieved. Think of what they will achieve for us.

Every government has corruption. I look forward to there being a whole lot less.

Even tech grew a set. Pence unfollowed trump on Twitter, then trump got thrown in Twitmo first for 12 hours and now for two weeks. Even Zombie Zuck arose from his crypto chamber to follow suit.

It only took four years. But then again, so did everything good that we’ve waited for.

The fact that a bunch of gullible people did the bidding for a defeated demagogue didn’t change any of that.

There is no room for hate in The People’s House. Or in mine. (There is only room for laughter. And there is plenty of that.)

And seriously, dude in the Chewbacca speedo, there’s no room for you there, either. Save it for when Pittsburgh can host the Furries conventions again.

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