1.5 days

The rumble in the upstairs jungle lasted all day. At one point it sounded like Loser opened some packed boxes. Nae-Nae caught him and erupted like Mount Vesuvius. Per usual. 

But now … Silence. It’s 10:30 and …nothing. No banging, no music, no f-bombs, no blubbering, no oil drums being rolled, no sliding-glass doors being slammed and no coffins being dragged along the floor. 

That doesn’t mean it will stay calm. But, you know, the stillness is nothing short of miraculous. 

I’ll still leave my tv on tonight anyway. Loud. They’ve fooled me before. I’m not taking any chances. 

11 p.m — Spoke too soon. Stomping ahoy.  And screaming. God damn it. It’s just another ordinary night. Carry on. 

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