You were you, and he was him … and that was that

I wrote a post this morning (unpublished, to protect the famous and, really, the infamous) with the title “You were you, and he was him … and that was that.” That one was about a job interview that went horribly.

But I like the title. And since I’m not going to publish it anytime soon, I want to use it on another topic.

It’s funny how relationships, as they were, flame out at warp speed these days. I mean, they never did last for me even before Teh Intarwebz. But now, man …

1. Boy sends friend request.

2. Girl accepts.

3. Boy sees all the cat photos and wine photos and things posted by her mother, and runs screaming at the thought of coupling with the crazy drunk cat lady with the crazier mother.

4. The end.

I mean, jeez. At least let me get into the relationship for a minute and a half before you uncover all the crazy.

But that leaves the heroine of our “See Spot Run Screaming” book with a conundrum …

Do you say:

1. Fuck it, this is who I am — no apologies? … or

2. Fuck it, social media isn’t worth it — they can’t learn anything about you if it isn’t “out there”?

I don’t know. What I do know is that a date would have been nice.

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