‘What goes around, goes around, goes around, comes all the way back around’

Sometimes people spout “what goes around, comes around” to remind themselves and others to behave.

That’s so base.

I’ve always said that what goes around kicks someone else in the ass who doesn’t deserve it.

I knew a guy named Jimmy. The man might have had five grandmothers. At least, judging by the five times he said he couldn’t make it to a function because his grandmother died.

That sleazy shitbag just lost his brother. A guy so beloved that there are newspaper articles written about him in two states right now.

Jimmy probably isn’t smart enough to think about how no one would miss him after all the dastardly shit he did.

But I know.

There was a terrible episode of “My 600-Pound Life” on last night. Lisa E. She whined and complained and martyred herself. Yet Dr. Now kissed her oversized ass in a way he doesn’t do with people who are COMMITTED to and SUCCESSFUL with their weight-loss journey.

I felt particularly bad for Lisa’s boyfriend Randy. I could tell within two minutes of watching the show that her shitty karma would be the end of him.

Randy caught Covid — I imagine that was from running to the grocery store to buy cases of pop and chips and cookies for her. And he died from its complications. Meanwhile she got Covid and lost 127 pounds.


Randy was a sad figure too because he was on oxygen and he had to sleep on the corner of their full bed with no sheets. She took up 3/4 of the bed.

He always curled up fully clothed on that cruddy bare mattress in their one-room house. It was a heartbreak and a mindfuck.

It never occurred to Lisa that her absolute shit personality was going to be the end of him.

There’s someone else whose viciousness is going to bring some not-so-good fortune to someone. And like Lisa E., they will hoist their ass on the cross and cry victim.

There was a person who said I wished for their death. They also said I criticized their mother.

Which … never once did I say anything about anything terrible befalling them. In public OR private.

I do not know where this evidence is, by the way — I asked to see it. Because I don’t tempt fate like that. And they know it.

No one ever produced it. Go figure.

I know that my actions stand to affect the person most important to me … NOT me.

So this person should be warned that this whole “I’m rubber, you’re glue” shit doesn’t mean it will stick to them, but rather go hurtling like a meteor at someone far more pure.

In any event, RIP “D.” One of three heart attacks in our extended circle in the last couple weeks. You deserved better.

Most of the great ones do.

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