Weepy Tzaziki

I was already reeling from the loss of Betty White when I caught up with a work friend today.

She’s been out on bereavement. Her mom died on the same day as Betty.

I can’t stop crying between all that and Bob Saget’s death. This is Gen X’s nightmare week. Everyone we grew up with … gone.

Everyone I know has Covid, too. Luckily they just seem to be miserable and not dying off, like they did last year. I still can’t believe Jane, Ginny, Jesse, Sue, C.J. and so many more are gone from this world. My world.

They say be gentle to yourself. Iz pandemic, after all.

Meanwhile I have a friend who’s getting divorced. God, it’s ugly. His spouse friended me years ago. I figured because I am witty and delightful. Now I see it was to keep tabs on all of us.

My friend used to read this page, so I am not saying shit other than, ask me if I am surprised by this outcome.

Per usual in this situation, one is taking the high road and saying nothing. The other is blathering and trying to drum up support from people who never really liked them in the first place.

TBH, I am happy to be able to befriend the hysterical one. I always called them Drama. The more you whine and complain and drag your S.O. under the bus, the more the sane among us go Jesus Fuck, SO glad my friend got away from your psycho bitch ass.

Now, of course I won’t SAY that in case they get back together. But fuck, good riddance. Bye furrlicia. Take that nasty ass anywhere but my timeline, please and thanks. Christ, my friend can do SO much better.

What’s funny is I reached out to my friend on Christmas Eve, after quite some time of not really saying hi.

I had said, you are on my mind. I just want to know if you are OK.

He said he was. That’s all he said.

I KNEW some shit was going down. I know a psycho bitch situation from 985 miles away. The “sudden” divorce confirms it.

In any event, I am just sad today, for so many people. 65 (Saget) is too young to die. But damn, it sure gets you out of dealing with some shitty health and relationship problems along the way, doesn’t it?

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