Toes in the Gulf of Mexico

Sanibel Causeway

Drove Momma over to Sanibel/Captiva yesterday for her birthday. The trip was only the duration of an average workday, so around 15 hours all told.

I realize I dramatically prefer the West Coast of Florida over the East. The people are nicer, the pace is more-orderly, the world just seems to make more sense over there.

We passed through Fort Myers on the way and Mom’s spidey senses kicked in and she asked me to keep going straight for a while instead of making my turn. And we ended up running into a Famous Dave’s, which we haven’t seen since we lived in Maryland, having her birthday lunch there.

ZOMFG burnt ends, yo. And toes in the Gulf of Mexico.

Speaking of spidey senses, I’ve had two horrid work dreams the past two nights. One, I dreamed one of my superiors and one of our corporate partners moved in with me and I was part of/privy to all their discussions. And I don’t know if, as the child of a psychic, my vivid dreams are prophetic or what, but they were Up to Something and it was … Interesting.

Then last night, I dreamed that a guy on my team was conspiring with the boss to get me out. They called me late one night after I’d left late and said I needed to go back to the office and I said, hey, I work so hard … this is going to wait till morning. And the guy said, “No, you don’t work hard enough. And that’s what I told (boss).”

And dumbass me, who worked 40 hours between Tuesday and Thursday of this week, got dressed and ready to drive back to the prairie where the office resides.

Anyway, my odyssey yesterday made work feel like it was a thousand miles away, but it always comes back. But while it couldn’t afford enough funds to stay over so I didn’t have to do an exhausting driving marathon, it did afford us a couple tanks of gas and a nice lunch. Days like yesterday almost make it all worth it.

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