Swings and roundabouts

There’s a phrase I hear from time to time in my industry, “swings and roundabouts.”

Basically it’s a way of saying something is a Catch-22, although it’s more balanced. In other words, to get something, you gotta give something.

Like, you have to exchange “having time to do fun things” for “getting the money to do fun things.” They’re kind of mutually exclusive, like if you have to give up “staying in your jammies all day” to “get a job.”

You see where this is going, yes?

Anyway, I’m swinging today. (That sounds a bit more interesting than it really is!) Rather, I’m enjoying the free time and the living in mah jammies because I think my soul has grown back enough to start roundabouting. Perks of working from home aside, little things like life’s little luxuries — and the big things, too — have been a little challenging to maintain and I’d like to think about reintegrating the ones that have fallen off the “necessities” list.

Everyone, if you’re so inclined, please light a money candle (green) for me if you get a chance, mmkay? I’ll take you to dinner when it can be on me again, I promise!

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