Sunshine on a cloudy, rainy-season-in-Florida day

In case you haven’t noticed my recent “I’m going to be positive if it kills me” theme, here’s another.

I used to have this pre-market project. I’ve always had pre-market projects, no matter where I’ve gone. You generally make the junior person on the team do them. I mean, that’s how I got my first one.

But alas, when you want it right AND you want it Wednesday (and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday), you just add it to your list.

Besides, when it comes to who you can count on, ding! ding! ding! I’m your girl.

Anyway that project went away (and a temporary Sunday one popped up in its place. Which, I pick weekdays any day) and I’ve still been on the early shift. Just because.

But with the neighbors going nuts all night, and then the one night of them being quiet I was awake in FEAR of when they would start, I’ve been coming in about 20 minutes later than usual.

And it’s been glorious.

Glorious, I tell you.

So, there. Something else positive from me.

Any more miracles and all I’ll have to do is die to achieve my sainthood.

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